And France, for lunch…

When I left San Sebastián in the morning, it was for a day trip just up the coast to Hondarribia (intercity bus, 30 minutes for €2.45). 

Hondarribia is a medieval walled town as well as picturesque streets by the old fishing port. The house colours reflect those of the local fishing boats.

‘Zeria’ from 1575 is the oldest building on San Pedro street. 

The ‘Marinel’ is the last of the local fleet of wooden ships

At one gate of the Old Town, the Bishop’s Square. Statue is Don Cristobal de Rojas y Sandoval (born here in 1502) who became archbishop of Sevilla and spiritual advisor to Charles V.

Castle of Charles V, which is now a Parador (high-end hotel owned by the government)

So I’m down the waterfront promenade, looking across the harbour jetty, and see this beach with HUGE waves. You can see the mist rising above the waves. And there isn’t much I love more than big waves crashing into shore. Moth to a flame! I asked someone, and they said it was Hendaye (h is silent), France.  And right ahead of me was a little boat, I hopped on (€1.90) and in 7 minutes I was there!

It was a huge beach full of waves and surfers. Unfortunately I have no photos that capture it well. 

The beach side view at the restaurant was wonderful, the lunch okay. And the waiter did say it came with ‘green’ salad…

And I realized after why the little boat was full of people going over to Hondarribia to eat lunch as they had two streets full of restaurants 

Warm custard flan with cool custard sauce (creme anglaise) was interesting, and good

So it was a fun spontaneous day, for €20 total!

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