Stunning San Sebastián 

What else can I say??  It has all the beautiful historic buildings, streets, squares, and bridges along a scenic river that you could want, AND a beautiful bay lined with beaches.

I’m four days into my month here, and I thought I would take a ‘vacation from being a tourist’ and lounge around for a few days to lounge around.  I did sit for a bit on the beach, enjoying the sunny 27oC, but I was just too curious to sit there long.

My apartment is near Ondarreta Beach, on the left of the map marked with pink dot. If you follow the beach to the right, it becomes La Concha Beach where there is outcrop. La Concha continues to the marina in the Old Town.  There is also a third beach, Zurriola, on the right.

There are also two steep hills guarding the bay, and one island. I took these pictures from the top of the left hill (Igueldo), which I reached by funicular. I would like to go back later in the day when the sun has moved.

There is a promenade that follows the top of the beach for its entire length. It starts at the base of Monte Igueldo, where there are metal sculptures imbedded in the rock, ‘El Peine  del Viento’ or ‘Wind Combs’. I took so many pictures there on Sunday because of the high waves crashing there. (? effect of Hurricane Ophelia going by in the Atlantic?).

Looking back to where I went on the funicular, and the beginning of the promenade

Looking the other way to La Concha beach and old town

And then continued around the harbour, and around the outside base of the second hill, Monte Urgull. From there I could see the third beach, but the sun was so bright I could not take a good picture. Another day!

I’m glad to be out of Catalyna, where it seems tensions are still high.  Part of their culture is speaking Catalan instead of Spanish.

Now I’ve traded that for people speaking the Basque language of Euskara.  Signs, maps, menus are all bilingual Euskara/Spanish, for example, San Sebastián is ‘Donostia’ in Euskara. Spain really is a collection of parts.

I’ve also been watching the news about the forest fires in northwestern Spain and Portugal. I’m further east, but it is dry here too. Much needed rain is forecast for later this week, so enjoyed the hot sunny day while I could!  I also have a hundred more photos of buildings, but wanted to start with what is so unique here.

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