Opulent Oviedo

This city has a history of being rich and important since it was founded in 762. There is a cathedral and more beautiful churches than you could shake a cross at, a university from 1600, old convents and buildings converted to museums and provincial institutions. Some are clustered around numerous squares in the medieval area, and other boulevards and large parks radiate out.

These Moorish arches reminded of of the Mezquita in Cordoba.

And then was a street market in the old town. Let’s take narrow little streets and jam in vendors and buyers….

I’ve been trying to find out what my hotel was originally. It has two large courtyards, one open and one enclosed. ?palace. Very grand though, and similar to what many of the Paradores are. There was a wedding here Saturday night, and they had cocktails in the main sitting area. I just didn’t have anything to wear, or I could have crashed it!

So I’ve arrived in Leon, and happy to have better internet to get this post up. And wait until you see where I’m staying this time!!! I’m the gypsy queen, having fun on my last few weeks on this trip to Spain.

7 thoughts on “Opulent Oviedo

  1. History of your Hotel (via google)

    The place which today occupies the Eurostars Hotel La Reconquista was a hospice and children’s home for over two centuries. The original building dates back to 1752 and was built by order of Isidoro Gil de Jaz, Regent of the Audiencia of the Principality of Asturias, and protected by architect Pedro Antonio Menéndez de Ambás.

    The complex features a chapel designed by Madrid architect Ventura Rodríguez. The work was completed in 1770, giving rise to a temple which is circular from the inside and octagonal from the outside, all built within the Doric order and topped with a 28-metre dome.

    The building was restored in 1942 and in 1970, architects Sainz Vicuña and Fernández Cuevas took on the responsibility of building a luxury hotel which was inaugurated in 1974. The establishment is managed by the Hotusa Group and has belonged to the Eurostars Hotels chain since August 2014.


  2. More trivia… in the movie ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’, Juan Antonio, Vicky, and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) spend their nights in the hotel you are in and end one evening drinking way too much wine sitting on the comfy couches in the grand lobby where the Renaissance columns support the upper arcade.


    1. Just watched the movie and loved seeing the hotel, as well as Gaudì’s works in Barcelona!! More trivia, Marie Elena (Penelope Cruz), is married in real life to Juan Antonio (Javier Barden). Now I know why there is a statue of Woody Allen in Oviedo.


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