Korcula, Korcula

So I am in the town of Korcula, on the island of Korcula.  I arrived by car ferry to Vela Luka, a town on the other end of the island, and then took a bus. I left Split at 1045 and didn’t arrive here until 1600. It was a particularly long and scenic ride on the bus, as we had to veer off the highway to hit every small town.  But it was very pretty with the vineyards and olive trees (really reminds me of Greece), and an occasional peek of the ocean.


The main feature of Korcula town is the old medieval walled town that juts out into the water.  It is tiny, could probably walk around the perimeter in 10 minutes, but it is a ‘fish-bone’ plan of tiny streets that feed into the centre where the cathedral is.


St Mark’s church with the lookout tower


Fast ferry to Dubrovnik that I will be taking tomorrow


Lombarda, about 10 minute bus ride away
Grk wine, grapes only grow in Lombarda
Breakfast – included with room
Lunch – amazing fresh ‘rolled pasta’ known as ‘makaruni’ with red pesto sauce. Part of the ‘Dalmatia coast’ dishes. Yes, like Dalmatian dog, except have only seen them on postcards here….
Dinner – what else when you have olives and olive oil, Greek salad


My apartment (top middle window) over the restaurant is ‘sea view’, though I could argue it is ‘tree view’. But the location is fantastic along the seaside restaurants of the old town, and I can listen to the waves. People were swimming today, just over the wall.


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