Carnival and Casas

This week Carnival kicked off with the children’s parade. Little kids were dressed up – looked like Halloween. Then very many cute kids in groups (schools?) dancing along with very loud speaker trucks (with each group). It was a sea of sequins, tuile and blue eyeshadow!

Today the property manager took me on a tour of two houses – for rent or sale. I’m fascinated by what is behind the often bland front doors. Silvia is also an architect so was involved in some of the remodelling. The first was very large and elegant, the other smaller and more cozy. Then we went for lunch!

Viveka arrives tonight at midnight. Her flight on Thursday was cancelled due to strong winds in Amsterdam. But she could also extend her departure so is actually getting more days here. I’m sympathetic to the jet lag after coming home from Portugal, but she also had over 24 hours to take a train to Copenhagen, fly to Amsterdam, Mexico City and then Merida. Hopefully she could sleep on the plane….


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