Casas and Chairs

Mérida, Mexico

Casa de Montejo is a beautiful house from 1549 on the Plaza Grande that was the home of one of the Spanish conquistador Montejo. It now belongs to a bank and houses their regional offices as well as the museum. It was lovely, air-conditioned, and free to visit! When it is 36 oC that is appreciated.

‘Sillas confidentes’ or ‘tu y yo’ (you and me) chairs are everywhere! According to local legend, they were designed by a father who was wary of a budding romance developing between his daughter and a local boy. Confidentes first appeared in the Plaza Grande in 1915, designed for intimate conversation while keeping the two parties at a respectable distance.

The property manager asked if I would allow a Canadian couple to view the house today for future rental. They are in Merida now but not happy with their current choice. Easy to understand as ‘what you see is not what you get’ in most cases. I’m very happy this house was not a disappointment. And bonus – she brought all new flowers to gussy up the place! I was going to buy more tomorrow before Viveka comes. In this heat they only last a week.


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