Vibrant Valparaiso

Here in Valparaiso, Chile, graffiti is called ‘street art’!

It’s bright. It’s good. It’s everywhere!

The best is in the windy streets of the many hills.

Even beautiful old houses incorporate the art.

The hills are full of hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Hills mean very many stairs!

These are the ‘Piano Stairs’.

These stairs don’t seem to end!

One of the great inventions is the funicular, or ‘ascensor’, which climbs the hill.

Most were built in Santiago around 1880-1902, and are slowly being restored.

Besides the hills, other main parts of Santiago were the El Puerto (the port) and El Plan (the plain).

El Puerto is highly commercial.

Art Deco harbour authority building.

El Plan was the flat area along the water, before the land rose up into the hills.

It had the the government buildings, business and shopping streets.

Monumento a los Héroes de Iquique

Edificio Armada de Chile

There were endless buses going along the flat streets parallel to the water. For about 150 pesos ($0.20 CDN), you could save yourself along of walking!

I went to the Congreso Nacional where the country’s Nacional Legislature sits.

Then a huge boulevard which was a giant flea market, along with fruit/vegetable market on Saturday.

Another huge fruit and vegetable market.

Back up on the hill Cerro Alegre I went to the Museo de Bella Artes that is housed in the Palacio Baburizza

This painting was done of Paseo (passage) Atkinson in 1896. It was only a short distance from my hotel so I tried to recreate it.

My hotel was the pink building at the top of the stairs. It was really an garden oasis!

View from my balcony on to the conservatory.

Wine, olives and those delicious coloured potato chips after I arrived late from the airport!

Then a metro train to the fish market, Viña del Mar and Limache.

Sea lions waiting for the grocery cart of fish scraps to be thrown from the end of pier

A big fellow checking us out!

Next train stop was Viña del Mar which was flat with straight streets and money.

Two buskers who got on with me discussing their plan, as this car already had someone playing.

With the amplified music and steady stream of vendors, it wasn’t a quiet trip!

Then Limache, the end of line inland. My hotel recommended it as a typical small Chilean town.

And then the restaurants of the hills!


La reineta, a local fish

A very refreshing salad with tuna, avocado and egg. After the rain I’m feeling the 21 oC heat!

More street art

Then a bus back to the airport.

Tomorrow is my last day in Chile before I head to Bolivia.

Almost three weeks has gone quickly. And after Bolivia I still have Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and a few days in Mexico City to cover in my three months!

8 thoughts on “Vibrant Valparaiso

  1. Lovely 👍👍👍❤️
    I envy you 😜
    I spent the last week in bed on my right side 50 minutes/hour. Last weekend my retina detached and I had operation on Tuesday.
    So all I want for Christmas is my view back 🤯🤩

    Is it as safe to travel as it was when we were in Mexico??
    Hugs to you from one 👀lady👻🤩❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is SO fabulous! There are such a lot of wonderful sights to see in the world and most of us miss them. Thank you for sharing your amazing travels!


  3. Joy of colors like fireworks came here gray, dark Finland through your pictures.
    I fell in love with these pictures again. Thank you, this is what I needed. Murals ,street art.I try to find a book,info to know more the history of these paintings.
    I look forward to getting to Bolivia soon…🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love how colourful and creative this street art is that you’ve captured. It brings so much life to the streets.
    iNuk was drooling over the food and fish in this blog. Now, I have to clean my screen!
    Wonderful to travel along with you.


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