From Wine To Water

Chile is one of world’s top producers of wine, so I had to work that into my trip!

From Santiago it was a three hour bus trip to Santa Cruz.

The attraction there was the highly acclaimed wine region of Colchagua Valley.

I did a tour, tasting and lunch at Viu Manent.

My guide Rodrigo on my private tour! Not planned but I was the only guest at that time. So lots of opportunity to ask questions.

It’s spring in South America so the grapes are still tiny

Mussels cooked with their Sauvignon Blanc.

Another statue of Bernardo O’Higgins (1778-1842) in the Plaza Major. Every town has a statue and or major street with his name. In Santiago it was the major six lane artery through the city.

He was a Chilean independence leader who freed Chile from Spanish rule. And the illegitimate son of a Spanish officer who had been born in Ireland.

This hotel on the Plaza was the tallest building I saw in town.

Lunch with the locals! Fixed price of 6000 pesos ($8.50 CDN) for everything, including dessert. I have no idea what the green drink was. Not sweet.

Potatoes originated in South America, and they love them!

Even on my flight to the island of Chiloé, we were served potato chips on a 08:00 flight! Of course, upscale ‘artesanal de papas nativas de colores’ with blue and red centres.

Loved this fellow sleeping in the departure lounge at the airport. All suited up but no mask!

It was a 2 hour flight or 20 hour bus trip.

The island of Chiloé is the largest of Chile’s 500 islands. I stayed in Castro.

Castro is a fishing town known for its ‘palafitos’ or houses on stilts.

From the mirador (lookout), you could see them along the waterfront.

Unfortunately it was low tide during the brightest part of the day. And considering they have rain about 300 days a year, I was lucky to get that photo!

There’s a reason it’s so green here!

Castro is also known for its wooden buildings.

Iglesia de San Francisco (1912) was built in the Neo-Gothic style using local wood.

The parish office next door with the wooden tiled siding that is common here too.

And Castro is also known for its fog. This was looking at the church from my hotel, two blocks away.

And the wonderful empanada vendors!

When anyone approached their stand, they would start a musical chorus of what they had to offer and lift the cloths covering their baskets.

In a foggy wet town it seems colour is more important.

Feria Artesanal Mercado

I grew up playing Uno (Spanish for one) but had never seen Dos (Spanish for two)

Tons of street dogs that looked well fed, but this fellow looked like he was getting Royal treatment.

And an invasion of school children at the Plaza for a group photo on the bandshell. And then gone again.

I found this fabulous restaurant for lunch. of course I had fish in a fishing town!

Warm caramelized onion biscuits and Chilean Carmenere.

Then hake (like cod but finer texture) layered with octopus on top of milcao (potato pancake). So delicious!

The choice of sides was mashed potato, papas nativas or the milcao – a Chiloé speciality.

Then a 4.5 hour bus trip north to Puerto Varas, including a ferry off the island.

It was a very nice double decker bus. They are called ‘Salon Cama’ which translates to ‘living room bed’. So a ‘recliner’. The leg support dropped down from the seat ahead. And only 2 + 1 seats in a row, with curtains you could close for separation.

And more water in the Lake District of northern Patagonia.

Puerto Varas in on Lake Llanquihue. The view is supposed to include two snow capped volcanoes, but they have been quite elusive in the clouds.

Very nice park areas and paths along the lake. In warmer weather paddle boards and kayaks are popular.

Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (1915-1918)

Starting in 1850 the region encouraged several waves of German immigrants. It is very evident in the architecture.

The very eclectic Museo Pablo Fierro.

Now it’s off to the airport for Santiago and a transfer to Valparaiso! And sunshine. I think the lake went up an inch today…

8 thoughts on “From Wine To Water

  1. I fell in love with the colors of the houses. Especially red with a nice shade.
    Tasty food and good wine for you.🙂
    A wonderful bus that is good for traveling longer distances.
    Great chapter again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Leslie, I am really enjoying your pictures and commentary. Those mussels looked so delicious! Loved that bus photo. I hope I get a chance to ride in such a comfortable bus one day. Marvellous invention. Can’t wait for your next update. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Leslie…you are as amazing as always! Looks so fabulous! I am envious but not brave. Doing your travels virtually is probably as good as I will get.


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