End of Croatia & Touch of Italy

The last stop in Croatia was Rijeka and it’s neighbour Volosko.

It was a 4.5 hour bus ride north from Zadar, but was quiet and uneventful. Lots more coastline!

Rijeka was European Capital for Culture in 2020.

There has been a settlement here since the 7th century, but most of of the medieval city was destroyed in a 1750 earthquake.

Rijeka has an industrial port and tons of nice Austro-Hungarian architecture along with the less attractive.

Roman Arch (3rd century) under rehabilitation

St Vitus’ Cathedral (1638) is featured on the 100 kuna note.


Pork tenderloin with a white wine sauce

Local craft beer.

Our Lady of Trsat Church and their souvenirs.

My yellow apartment building to the right (1903) and the bus station in front.

Then a 30 minute local bus trip around the bay to Volosko.

Along with Opatija next door, it’s the ‘beach destination’ away from the industrial port.

Volosko is just a old fishing village with all the houses converted to apartments, and a string of excellent seafood restaurants.

There are a few roads that go east-west but the rest of town is just a tangle of little streets to the harbour.

Walking along the Lungamare (seaside walk) you can see that there isn’t much beach. And what there is is just large gravel.

There are just rocks and concrete slabs.

That is Opatija in the distance with the hotels. I didn’t walk all the way there, but my bus to Trieste looped through so I had a good look. I would recommend staying there instead of Rijeka. It’s an easy 30 minute bus trip to go into the city to sightsee.

Restaurants around the harbour.

I had a lovely lunch at ‘The Veranda’ which was shaded with grape vines and picked up a nice breeze on its higher level.

Battered Monkfish with pea purée and Swiss chard.

Frito Mixto – fried squid, shrimp and sardines

Grilled squid

View from my apartment. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Mail delivery

Then a cut across Slovenia to Trieste, Italy.

Canal Grande

Josef Ressel, inventor of the propeller

Piazza ‘Grande’ Unità d’italia

Chieste di Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo

Roman ruins and amphitheater dating to about 1st century

Former Stock Exchange (1806) is now the Chamber of Commerce in Piazza della Borsa

Looking at the Molo Audace Pier which was built on the wreck of an old ship (18th century)

Stazione Marittima on Friday.

On Saturday

Cattedrale di San Giusto Martire

Inside of Beata Vergine del Soccorso

Luternasko Evangeličanska Cerkev (Lutheran Evangelical Church)

Price of a seat in the shade

Mussels, salad and goulash with homemade gnocchi

When I booked my return, I thought Munich was a good choice as I could fly in from wherever I ended up in the Balkans.

Of course, months later, I thought taking a bus to Munich would be preferable.

Then two days ago I received an email. My flight from Munich to Amsterdam was canceled. Please call.

Actually got to do it messaging on WhatsApp!

I couldn’t just keep my Amsterdam-Vancouver segment without a huge fare increase. I had a pick a new departure site less than 482 km from Munich.

After much back and forth, I’m flying from Vienna.

So tomorrow it’s a 6.5 hour bus to Vienna, and fly the next morning.

I’m hoping all my drama is behind me!

It’s been a fantastic three months!

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