And south to Marsala, Sciacca and Agrigento

Marsala is just 30 minutes south of Trapani, and the most western point of Sicily.

The train was the quickest choice, but again they use the oldest equipment on these spur lines!

Marsala is another old port city with beautiful buildings and churches!

But I never get tired of just wandering the streets without a plan!

Piazza della Repubblica is old town central. It is faced with Chiesa Madre (Mother Church) and Palazzo VII Aprile.

Just around the corner there is the Chiesa del Pugatorio (Church of Purgatory).

And beside the Porto Garibaldi is the Chiesa dell’Addolorata which has interesting central layout

And a wedding at another!

Courtyard of an old military square

Pane Cunzato is on the list of ‘tipico’ foods to eat. It has tomatoes, anchovies, cheese and olive oil. It was good but the bun was super crusty and chewy!

I picked it up on my way to the train, and I gnawed on it for hours!

Sciacca ‘skaa -KAA’ with the emphasis on the double letters.

Another nice little seaside town. I booked two nights in hotel ‘with a view’ for a change from my apartments.

Ceramics everywhere – in shops, on houses, in churches

And with a harbour full of fishing boats, working my way through sampling mixed grilled fish!

Another pasta with sardines

Next was Agrigento.

Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) is the major draw.

It was a major city established by the Greeks 2500 years ago in their expansion to the fertile lands of Sicily. It covers 13 square kilometres.

Tempio della Concordia is the best preserved temple (430 BC)

The bronze statue is of Icaris.

Tempio di Hera was partially destroyed in an earthquake

Templi di Ercole (Temple of Hercules)

Then a day in town, with stairs everywhere!

Then more fish sampling! The winner so far!

Tagliolini with pistachio sauce and crispy bacon

Tomorrow it’s a bus and train to Ragusa. But I want to end with a picture of the ceiling in my apartment. It certainly is a ‘palazzo’!

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