Last Days in Sri Lanka

So after the archeological sites and safari, it was time for some beach time!

Sri Lanka is famous for its beaches and it was difficult to decide who one to pick. So I took Lonely Planet’s word, and choose Talalla.

It was perfect! A kilometre long curve of beautiful sand, waves and no people, Seadoos or beach vendors.

I basically just hung out at the beach and a little outdoor cafe.

Food was good – coconut roti with spicy lentil dal and caramelized onion sambal, and a refreshing salad with cabbage, cucumber, tomato, green onion and pineapple with fresh lime juice.

There were some small local restaurants, and I had prawns – tasty but messy to eat! I think the locals eat the shells on the small ones.

The locals are keen to visit Canada for the marijuana!

Then off to my last stop in Galle.

Galle “gall as in ball” is a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site with many influences.

It was a port since before 125 AD, but major fort construction was started in 1588 by the Portuguese, and then by the Dutch when they captured it in 1640. In 1796 the British took over.

The Fort is not a big area, and the best way to get oriented was to walk along the old rampart walls.

You can see old coral mixed in the stones.

Looking toward the ‘New Town’ and huge cricket field

Main Gate

Locals swimming

The lighthouse is a major landmark

Dutch Hospital is now full of shops and restaurants

Streets are full of shops and restaurants too

The heck with trying to rip an ATM out of a store! Just drive it away!

Trip into the New Town – train station, bus station, temple, bakery tuk tuk – though the full effect of the bus station needs to have sound attached as they call out the destinations.

Lots of churches – English, Dutch…

And mosques and temples

My favourite time of day was at 7 am. Locals were out walking, children were already playing in school yards. And people were getting their wedding photos.

Rice and vegetarian curry (green beans, pumpkin, jackfruit, dal)

Interesting fusion food – Chili crab with linguine was a welcome change from rice

Lobster tacos with avocado and salsa

And the cutest coconut!

‘Hotels’ sell ‘short eats’ (snacks), not beds

Lots of schools and children

Banyan tree

My oasis in the 31oC heat and humidity.

Today I go to Negombo, near the airport, for my flight to India tomorrow. I can’t believe my 3 1/2 weeks in Sri Lanka is almost over. It’s has been a fabulous beautiful country with kind friendly people.

And dogs! Trusting dogs sleeping everywhere!

7 thoughts on “Last Days in Sri Lanka

  1. I must say that your 3 weeks in Sri Lanka looks lovely.
    I have had 3 weeks finding out how to behave in my new home.
    After taking care of my friends houses and there animals the last years, I still wonder who will come to this apartment and take over.
    But now I have more and more of my old things around me and I slowly get the feeling that this is MINE!!
    Would like to be with you!! It looks so nice!
    Lots of hugs!
    Kramizar Viveka

    Liked by 1 person

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