Sites in Sri Lanka

My first week in Sri Lanka has centred around the amazing archeological sites where ancient Sinhalese dynasties set up their first capitals.

Based in Habarana, I headed out in a different direction each day.

Sigiriya wins for the most dramatic first impression. Rising up from the plains, it is visible for miles.

The top was the site of a royal palace in the 5th century AD.

View coming in from the main entrance of the park.

Through the water gardens.

And the boulder gardens

And up, up, past the Mirror Wall where old ‘graffiti’ recorded their life, to the carved Lion Paws.

In contrast, Polonnaruwa is a sprawling complex from the late 10th century.

Lankatilaka temple

Gal Vihara carvings

Rankot Vihara

Kiri Vihara

Buildings of the Quadrangle

Anuradhapura is another massive complex where the tuk tuk ride between buildings was necessary.

Dissa, my reliable tuk tuk driver, and his wife

Monkeys everywhere, including my veranda

And elephants!

I spent the first two nights in Columbo, where this temple was the only quiet spot I found!

Kottu is a mix of chopped paratha bread with vegetables (chicken or seafood optional) glued together with coconut milk

The lodge were I stayed in Habarana was more isolated so had their buffet. I’m not usually a fan, but they had an amazing choice done well. There was even a refrigerated room for fruit and desserts! Unfortunately plates are not photogenic.

This is an egg hopper with a thin crispy rice flour base

Now off to Kandy!

5 thoughts on “Sites in Sri Lanka

  1. I have a huge crush on this rock fortress, Sigiriya! Being a rock lover and seeing your kissing rock photo makes me wish I could be there. It’s lovely tagging along from the great white north via cyberspace. ❤️

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