Non-Touristy Toruń

Well, they must be tourists as they are taking pictures, but they all look local. I guess I do too, judging from the way people speak to me in Polish. But I haven’t heard any English speakers in three days.

The historic centre is fantastic. I covered every street in the Old Town the first day, and then just wandered around. My hotel was just by the red church on the left.

Toruń has survived in fine Medieval form since all the building that was done after 1231 when Teutonic Monks moved in. They built a castle and walls around the town, but the castle was destroyed by locals in the 15th century.

Streets are mainly pedestrian.

The heart of the Old Town, again, is the town square. In the centre of the square is the City Hall.

On the corner of the Town Hall is a statue of local astronomer star Nicolaus Copernicus. The university is named after him, the taxi company, a hotel, a pizza shop….

Only appropriate when you suggest the sun, rather than the earth, is the centre of the universe.

The building further back, with the square top is St John’s Cathedral. Started in mid 13th century, it took 200 years to finish. It’s one of the biggest churches in Poland.

The old castle

Many interesting gates

The Leaning Tower of Toruń

I went down to the river bank this morning, and it was full of tents and barges that weren’t there yesterday! There is a big river festival happening, so it was fun to walk around and listen to the music.

Polish people love their ‘Lody’ (ice cream). Slick looking outfit was churning fresh batches this morning.

They also love their glazed jelly doughnuts. I tried a mini one with the popular wild-rose jam. I don’t have a sweet tooth but managed half!

Beer went down well though. It’s another big seller here. 6 zloties ($2) for 0.5 L at a nice outside patio on the square.

Another way to cool off is the spray station

The electric carts are much more classy here!

I had read about the bathroom signs, but this is the first I’ve seen. ‘Triangle’ is for men, ‘Circle’ is for women.

I bought a SIM card in Kraków. 5 zloties (less than $2 CDN) for 6 GB/2 weeks. I’m sure the fellow in the shop didn’t believe me on what it costs in Canada 😢

This deal is offering 60 GB for $8.50 CDN a month.

Tempting to buy souvenirs for the grandkids – the medieval headscarf is fine, but imagine trying to bring the sword back through with carry-on!

Another big souvenir here is gingerbread. There is a shop on every corner selling it. There is also gingerbread latte, and my favourite, gingerbread vodka!

Off tomorrow on the train for Gdańsk. I have the access codes for my apartment, so hopefully all works okay!

4 thoughts on “Non-Touristy Toruń

  1. Leslie, as usual these photos are spectacular. You are a very talented photographer! I’m hoping we can link up in our winter travels somewhere. In the meantime, happy travels. Valerie


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