The Lure of Kuala Lumpur

Food is right up there with ‘must-see’ sites, and I’ve been eating a great variety.

The three main ethnic groups in Malaysia are Malay, Indian and Chinese.

The first day I went to ‘Brickfields’ aka Little India.

I had a fabulous vegetarian thali for $6. I’ll have to figure out how to make the flatbread as it was delicious with rice and different grains.

Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, and it’s nice to hear the call to prayer again.

Masjid Jamek Abdul Samad Mosque was built in 1909.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building (1894-1897) was used to house the ‘Federated Malay States’ administration, then the High Court and Supreme Court in 1974.

Then a quick trip down Petaling Street in Chinatown (1857). It was only late morning so things were pretty quiet yet.

Jalan Petaling Shophouses in Dutch Patrician style (1920)

My hotel was in Bukit Bintang, so I had lamb kebab at one of the many Lebanese restaurants.

The Petronas Twin Towers were once the world’s tallest buildings at 452 metres when they were built in 1998.

For comparison, the World Trade Towers in New York were the tallest at 415 metres in 1973.

The tallest building now is Burj Khalifa in Dubai at 828 metres.

The public transportation system in Kuala Lumpur is quite good. A bit disjointed as there are several operators of monorail, light rail and trains so not one transit card. But they all connect, even if it means a walkway between stations. And you couldn’t beat the cost.

It was $1 for a 45 minute train ride to Batu Caves. So much easier than finding a tour bus.

Batu Cave is the most popular Tamil Hindu shrine outside of India. It is located in a series of caves in a limestone hill. The main shrine is reached by climbing 272 steps.

The large statue is Tamil God Lord Murugan, to whom the shrine is dedicated.

Then time for Curry Laksa for lunch.

My hotel has a great selection of Malaysian food at breakfast. One I really liked was Bubur jagung, a sweetish soup with corn and tapioca.

I’m also very happy with my room because I love light, and I have a whole wall of windows.

There are monorail and light rail stations just down the block with lots of shopping and restaurants. Jalan Alor, a whole street of small food stalls, is close by. I could also walk to most places, though in 38 oC heat I was leaving that to mornings only!

So tomorrow I’m off by bus to Cameron Highlands, so up early to find the station.

6 thoughts on “The Lure of Kuala Lumpur

  1. I am really enjoying following your journey around South East Asia. Your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your travels.

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  2. More fantastic pictures showing us places we need to see! Loved the two ladies in high heels! What a mix of old and new…..thank goodness. As usual, the food looks delicious. Did you walk up all of those steps?….. And, in that heat! .At least your skies looked nice and clear. Seeing that blue sky made me a little homesick. The colors ar3 a nice change to see, and the different shapes of trim. Once again, you shared enough to entice most travelers..Thanks for including us in them.. Val

    Liked by 1 person

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