Bangkok Bustle

Yesterday just about did me in. The sites were amazingly beautiful, but there were SOOO many tour groups yelling, pushing, posing in front of every building and statue. And in 37 oC with high humidity.

Wat Phra Kaew is a Buddhist temple compound so full of incredible buildings and structures that I couldn’t even back up enough to get a clear shot!

All kinds of interesting statues of Hindu/Buddhist mythology.

Pairs of Yaksha guard all the entrances.


Kinaree are swan/woman creatures

The Grand Palace is through a gate

Bangkok is a huge city with a variety of public transit.

From the airport I took a ‘train’, then transferred to the ‘sky train’. Two more transfers on that to get to my hotel, but it saved me changing to the ‘metro’ which is underground.

None of these go downtown where the sites are, so I took the skytrain to the central pier way down river and got on a ‘boat-bus’ up to the palace.

And even there it was a choice between the ’15 baht/$0.65 orange express boat’ that stops everywhere, or the 20 baht/$0.85 yellow tourist boat that only stops at certain piers. Oh, and then there was Hop On, Hop Off boat for 200 baht where you could get a seat.

Lots of traffic on the river! My favourite were the ‘long tail’ boats that had a MASSIVE engine, that looked like something from a airplane, power a tiny little prop. But they could fly!

Across the river from the Palace was Wat Arun, the ‘Temple of Dawn’

I also went to The Marble Temple.

Time for another pomegranate juice break.

National Assembly

Taxis you can’t miss

Lots of street food stalls open in the morning. Looked like take-away for lunch?

By my lunch time, I settled on a small restaurant that had aircon and a chair!

Another day it was lunch at a quiet pier stop. Choice was ‘chicken or beef’ but it was delicious! Tender skinless thigh in wonderful broth

Roof top bar and pool at my hotel is popular for a sunset drink and swim.

Tomorrow it is off to the airport again, this time to fly to Chiang Mai further north in Thailand. It will be nice to be in a smaller city.

3 thoughts on “Bangkok Bustle

  1. I can imagine how frustrating it was with all the people getting in the way of a clear shot ! Those mosaics are so lovely and the swan woman gorgeous! Again words can’t really describe all this beauty. I am in awe of the civilization that created these marvels .But I am happy to armchair travel along with you as I know that heat would kill me 🤪 keep on travell8ng safely, you will hav3 to put these pics in a book one day . Lots of love ,Marianne 💕


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