Touring Sweden with Hilda

I would like to introduce Hilda, a 7.15 metre motorhome and the home of my friend Viveka.

Hilda and Viveka met my train in Kristiansted when I arrived last week. Since then we have been exploring Skåne, the southern province of Sweden.

We have been to the seaside

We’ve been through forest

We’ve been through farm land

We’ve been on all the back roads where tractors can take the whole road!

We’ve been to churches

We’ve been through villages

We’ve been to her sister and brother-in-law’s wonderful B&B

Viveka and her sister Cajsa

I also had the opportunity to meet her daughters and granddaughters. It’s great to have faces for the names!

We have only travelled 700 km in the last week, but Skåne is packs with small roads, villages, castles, churches and beaches. Viveka likes to take roads that aren’t even on the map! With Hilda, we can park and make lunch or just relax.

Viveka designed my three week visit to hit all the high spots of Skåne as well as her favourites.

We travel in Hilda, but I’m staying in B&B’s or hotels that Viveka had arranged. This was one place that was very peaceful in the country. They very kindly let Viveka park in their yard and invited her to join me for breakfast

This area of Sweden was very rich, and there were many castles and expansive estate homes. It belonged to Denmark before 1658, and they were not successful in reclaiming it.

Bäckaskog castle, and a delicious lunch

Glimminghus Castle, a very well preserved medieval building.

Hovdala Castle

Trolls-Ljungby Castle

And I’ve stopped photographing churches, but I still love their style!

The grandest church was the Lund cathedral.

Lovely Lund is a old university town, with grand buildings and green spaces

Ales Stenar – ‘Sweden’s Stonehenge’ built between 500-1000 AD

Surrounded on three sides by water, there are many beautiful beaches

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