Intense Isla Mujeres

For a Mexican island that people come to for relaxation, I found more stimulation. Just getting here was a long wait queuing in the sun, because the line extended past the canopy.

Fortunately they brought in a second ferry, so I got from Cancun to Isla Mujeres within an hour of the taxi dropping me off from Puerto Morelos.

Note to self: don’t travel this route on the weekend when locals are going out to enjoy the beaches…

It was a short twenty minute ride with incredible turquoise water!

There are also an incredible number of souvenir shops, and I’m amazed they can stay in business when the market is so saturated. Here are few things I didn’t buy!

Tire recycling program

Local market shop

Of course the main attraction here are the beaches. The ‘main’ North Beach is not that big, and it is covered with loungers and umbrellas during the day. My favourite pictures here are early morning before the hordes.

Further along it was quieter

My favourite place was by my hotel pool because it was on the east (outward) side of the island. The wind was lovely to balance the heat from the sun, and the sound of the waves crashing in from the Atlantic blocked out other noise.

I had the sunrise from my room, but could over to the other side to see sunsets

I rented a golf cart yesterday and drove down to Punta Sur, the south point. It was a welcome escape from the ‘intensity of the density’ in my little end of the island. The streets here are clogged with carts, often with a speed-mad tourist at the wheel!

My ‘pedal to the metal’ chariot

Water only in MY cup holder

Punta Sur and sculpture park

I’ve met several couples that have been coming here for twenty-plus years. I look at their contentment and realize I’m no where near that stage to settle.

They have seen a lot of change – growth, rebuilding after the destruction of hurricane Wilma in 2005. There are still properties that are in ruins.


Well, that is what it feels like I’ve eaten in the last three months. Today I went crazy and ordered a hamburger. It was smothered in fried onions, and really good!

My usual for brunch is Huevos Mexicanos (scrambled eggs with onion, peppers and tomatoes) and dinner is the fresh catch of the day.

Just packing for my flight back to Victoria tomorrow. WestJet has a direct flight on Saturdays, so it will be uneventful. I have my return ferry ticket and prepaid taxi voucher for the airport.

I just have to get my suitcase shrink wrapped at the airport because the zipper is looking iffy after the many miles it has served me. Don’t want my things scattered across the baggage carouselđŸ˜³

Hasta luego, mi amigo!

2 thoughts on “Intense Isla Mujeres

  1. Hey Leslie – good timing – I was just catching up on what you have been up to! Amazing blog – so much fun to look at! What is your next plan??? Welcome back to Canada! We are same old same old – feels like it has been a long winter. I am getting ready to renovate the condo – moving out May 1st for 3 months – well, once we find a place to live! Take care! Mei


  2. Nice pics of Isla and your words Intense Isla describes it well. You take your life in your hands walking in El Centro. You can see why we never get any sleep here and enjoy the tranquility of Puerto Morelos. Our place does not hear breaking waves but braking golf carts, taxis and motos. 2000 Golf Carts on island and 700 motos.


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