Back Home in Merida

I’ve been in Merida for two weeks, with another two weeks to go. After six months of travel, I’m enjoying a quiet and relaxed time. I was here for six weeks last winter, so the city is familiar and comfortable.

I feel like I’m home, and ‘taking time off from being a tourist’. I go walking, shop for groceries, cook some simple meals. I’m renting a lovely house with a pool, which is handy when the temperatures sit steady in the 30’s

After doing ten posts from here last year, it’s hard to take ‘better’ pictures. But here a few photos around town.

Main square

The dresses here are different than Guatemala – tops are long and worn over a lace skirt.

And I guess you can’t have too many!

Crazy busy streets with music and traffic blaring

And then the spacious Paseo boulevard, a main thoroughfare which is blocked off for the bicycles every Sunday morning.

Yesterday I went out the Progreso, a town on the coast. It may have been a ‘directo’ bus, but it stopped for anyone who flagged it down. Guess you can’t complain when a 41 kilometre ride only costs 36 pesos or $2.50 return

I also had to return to a favourite restaurant from last year. Love the Mexican law that allows you take home the rest of wine. It was a delicious Malbec from Mexico, not available by the glass, to go with my short rib.

Tomorrow I’m going back to the coast, to Celestun, to see the flamingos. The boats have to keep their distance, so this is one time a good zoom camera would be handy.

4 thoughts on “Back Home in Merida

  1. Mmm even Home for me.
    Tonight my heating went emty, it was -5 outside and 7 inside….. I do want to be with you.!πŸš™β›Έβ„β˜ƒβ›‡β€β€


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