Flores – Inland Island

Flores is a small island on the large lake of Petén Itzá. It is joined by a causeway to Santa Elena.

The lake is the second largest in Guatemala, at 32 km long and 5 km wide. The first morning we took a hour boat ride around the island and up the shore. It was very calm and peaceful.

Friendly iguana sunning himself

Tuk Tuks around town

Yesterday we went to Tikal, a Mayan site that sprawls over 16 square kilometres but also is surrounded by another 525 square kilometres of national park. A significant part of the visit is walking under the rainforest canopy between the dozens of sites, with the Howler monkeys above our heads adding a spooky soundtrack!

The Mayan civilization dates back from 800 BC until 900 AD. It flourished between 200 and 750 AD, when it was the major power in the Central American region. It was then abandoned for unknown reasons.

There are several temples, with two large ones facing each other at the main plaza. Many are only partly excavated, sometimes with just the front open.

Lots of wild life like occellated turkey and coatimundi. Didn’t see the jaguar though

I loved the colours of our hotel

It is no wonder that people look so comfortable on motorbikes here. It is common to see children (of any age) squeezed on between the parents. I didn’t get the picture of the mother breastfeeding at the same time!

Tortilla soup, chicken with pumpkin seed sauce, fresh hearts of palm salad

Yesterday we left Flores and flew to Guatemala City, where a shuttle brought us to Antigua.

It was an hour of turbulence, and I’m just happy I didn’t embarrass myself by throwing up. I see Gravol on my shopping list…

Viveka and I headed to the local market for groceries, got lost in the maze of aisles, and ended up taking a tuk tuk home as we came out a far exit. The people and the buildings are so colourful, I know already it is going to be a fantastic week taking pictures!!

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