New Year, New Chapter

It was good to be back in Canada for three weeks over Christmas. I was at my friend Sue’s, and we had fun entertaining friends in her totally renovated house. The granite countertops were only installed December 22, so still some finishing to go, but it is going to fabulous when it’s done.

We also went to see the Christmas light illuminations at Butchart Gardens. Amazing!

So now I’m starting a new trip for 2018. I arrived in Cancun yesterday, and I’m staying in an apartment in Puerto Morelos. I like it. It’s a smaller town on the beach, without all the big hotels and resorts.

Viveka, my friend from Sweden, arrives tonight so I’ll make the 30 minute trip back in to meet her at the airport. She was supposed to arrive a few hours after me yesterday, but missed her connection in England due to windy weather so they put her up overnight and got her on today’s flight.

We are here for a week, then we have five more weeks to go down the coast to Belize and Guatemala and loop back up to Cancun via bus, water taxi, and plane.

After Viveka flies home, I’ll go to Merida for a month where I’ve rented a house next door to where I was last year. I have two weeks open after that, but will need to end up in Cancun for my flight March 24. Direct flight to Victoria on Saturdays!

Wishing everyone a special 2018!!


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