Stars of Segovia

For the first star of Segovia, I would have to pick the aqueduct. It is incredible!

The aqueduct was built to carry water from a river 17 kilometres away to Segovia, which was a Roman camp. They estimate it was completed in 112 AD, which would be over 1900 years ago! And it provided water to Segovia until the 19th century.

It is made of unmortared granite blocks. In the part that is visible once it reaches the city, there are 88 pillars supported by arches; its tallest is 29 meters. There are also markers in the city that trace its underground path to the Alcázar. Like most buildings and structures, it has had some careful restoration.

Second star is definitely the Alcázar, a fortified castle from around 1120. The distinct Moorish style reminds me of the Alhambra in Granada and the Real Alcázar in Seville. During its history it has been royal palace, a prison, a military academy, and has been restored from a 1892 fire.

And I did climb the 152 very narrow stairs to the top of the tower – so a test of my claustrophobia.

Third star would be the Plaza Major (Main Square). It is anchored by the cathedral, city hall, a theatre and several hotels (including mine). The outside of the Gothic cathedral is it’s strong feature, and adds much to the Plaza. The interior was big, but somehow dark and unremarkable after seeing Leon. I’m getting spoiled…

I seem to pick pink hotels! My room is on the right corner

Many buildings had a decorative stucco with Moorish floral and geometric designs

Food wise, Segovia ‘s famous for its roast suckling pig – 21 days of mothers milk and then roasted. I read they serve it at the table, and make a big production of dividing it just using the edge of s dinner plate to cut it. I passed.

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