S is for Salamanca

S is for Sandstone, which most of the buildings are made from. Salamanca is called the ‘Golden city’ because the colour of the stone. As pretty as it was, I found the sameness less interesting than a variety. And it was easy to get lost because they were so similar and some so large it was difficult to get around them!

S is also for Students. Salamanca’s university dominates the old town in numerous buildings. It is the oldest founded (1134 AD) university in Spain, with 28,000 students. And they are everywhere!

S is also for Statues.

University – major historical building with Casa Concha on the right

S is also for Spires. Salamanca has two cathedrals. The ‘old’ is 12th century Romanesque, and the ‘new’ built from 1513 to 1733 is a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. I found it really interesting that they attached the new onto the old, rather than tearing it down.

The ‘old’ cathedral

S is also for Squares. Plaza Major (Main Square) is huge, and would be hub of activity on a warm evening. They actually held their bullfighting here until 1893.

S is also for Stained glass. Casa Lis is the home of the Museo Art Nouveau y Art Deco. No photos allowed except in the coffee shop. There was a nice view as it was built along the old town wall.

S is also for Small. After the acres of Parador, this is a tiny 9 room stone house converted to a hotel. The stairs wind around the glass elevator. That is my balcony with the flags.

Good lunch of garbanzos and grilled chicken breast that actually had some seasoning on it! Not sure what that white blob was, it wasn’t fat, but put it aside. Funny texture. Also had some good tapas – curried chicken and beef cheek with roasted vegetables. 

S is also for ‘still traveling’, as off to Avila for a night, then Segovia for two, Toledo for four, then Madrid for a night to be close to the airport. I then have four nights in Amsterdam (all because I can with KLM) before flying back to Canada. Time is winding down, but after four months in Europe that is okay. And I don’t plan on staying put long!!

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