Liking Llanes

I really didn’t know much about Llanes (ya-knees) when I booked here, except it was on my Spanish north coast route and was by water. And sometimes no expectation turns out to be a very pleasant surprise.

Llanes has an compact old medieval centre, a ridge of park sheltering the town, beaches, a little river that flows down to the port, a port that flows down to the ocean.

I arrived yesterday and have been very fortunate that the sun is shining again! There have been clouds and rain the last week. Enough that I bought a new umbrella, and a super strong one as the wind turned my little tourist number, from Seville last year, inside out!

Llanes has painted the huge concrete blocks that many harbours have, but I loved the chocolate version at the pastry shop (along with chocolate ‘olives’)

I have no idea what kind of tree, though the leaves look like a maple. But the bark is camouflage- like and the trunks split with age.

I also had a quick hour in San Vicente yesterday as I changed buses. Pretty park along the port. I

Tamarack trees were getting their annual fall haircut.

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