Born Again Bilbao

Bilbao (bil-BOW, rhymes with ‘cow’) has been working hard to transform its gritty industrial image.  When the old and deteriorated port was cleared out, it was an opportunity for some interesting urban renewal. The most famous is the Guggenheim Museum. 

The Guggenheim, designed by Frank Gehry, is celebrating its 20th anniversary but the building is ageless. It was just interesting to wander in and around the building. 

 As you approach the museum, you are met by ‘Puppy’,  Jeff Koon’s 42 foot west highland terrier. He is covered by 40,000 flowers that are changed twice a year.  He just got his winter coat of pansies and primroses, so he’s not looking as colourful as he can. 

I snuck one photo of an exhibit because I could never describe the size of these steel structures. 

I’m only in Bilbao for two nights, so I did a circuit down along the river to the old town. There is a very interesting mix of old and new. 

I like the metro entrances

Of course I had to find the market!  There was the usual food stalls but also pintxo ‘food mall’

And I got to watch over ‘Puppy’ from my room!

So think a nice warm bath would be nice after pounding the streets all day, and get ready to leave tomorrow for Santillana del Mar. See you in there!

6 thoughts on “Born Again Bilbao

  1. HI Leslie! Just catching up with your travels! Beautiful – great pictures and amazing that’s its over a year now! Take care – really good blog!



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