Pamplona – No Bull

Pamplona is known for the ‘Running of the Bulls’, but that is not what I went for!  I toured a bullfighting ring in Ronda last year, just to try and understand the attraction. I gathered it is more about ‘culture’, but I am still on the bull’s side.

In Pamplona, it is part of celebration of Saint Fermin.  I think I liked the flowers in Zaragoza celebrating Saint Pilar better….

One street, that is part of the bull run path between the city hall and bull ring, was full of people spilling out from the bars. There was also an impromptu performance!

It is a lovely old town that I really enjoyed, even though it was a very superficial visit on my way between Zaragoza and San Sebastián. But my one night was in one of my favourite hotels, a converted monastery, where the chapel became the dining room.

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