Zaragoza Fiestas del Pilar

I had no idea when I booked an one night stay here on my way to San Sebastián that it would be so eventful!  I was looking at the opportunity for a quick glimpse to see what Zaragoza looked like. Instead I ended up on the biggest day of their civic calendar!   

There is a huge festival to honour the patron saint of the city, the Virgin del Pilar, that started in 40AD. People come from around Spain and the world – it coincides with Columbus Day, so any country with a Christopher Columbus connection is invited. The different national costumes were amazing! 

It runs for two weeks, but the biggest day was October 12, the day I was here. Starting around 7am, there are parades of people bringing flowers to cover a metal pyramid in the square in front of the catedral. There were thousands of people, and I was told it lasts about 12 hours until it is complete!  

There was a real party atmosphere in town, with music, fireworks and food stands.  

The day before the crowds…

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