Gentle Girona

This is an easy city to like. The old town is compact but full of interesting buildings and views. There are many little bridges crossing the little river. And there is a cathedral AND a basilica!  

Catedral de Girona

La Basilica de Sant Feliu

Arab Baths

I have to include this picture of the largest meringue I have ever seen –  about the size of two fists!

Sunday dinner – mussels, sautéed squid with sausage and shrimp. And flan of course, because it was included!

Just headed to the train station and Barcelona. It’s only 40 minutes on the high speed train (up to 310 km/h)!! 

3 thoughts on “Gentle Girona

  1. Hi Leslie, I love seeing all your pictures and following your adventure. I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Those meringues look delicious! What was in the middle?


    1. Thanks James! The meringues had hazelnuts in them. Wishing now I would have tried one as curious if they were still moist inside. And I am having a very wonderful time – and this week marks one year since I left for Seville.

      “Not all that wander are lost” – Tolkien



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