Lovely Little Ljubljana

Well, not really little, just perfectly people-sized and people-friendly!  Compact and highly pedestrianized with a sweet little river lined with inviting places to eat and drink. There are many bridges, beautiful buildings and squares, so that even though it is easy to get oriented, it is never boring!  It is the most inviting and least intimidating city I’ve ever been in. People are friendly, they speak English, the food is amazing (what do you expect when it borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia) and not expensive. And I don’t need to learn public transit…

The sad part is I leave tomorrow after four days – three of which poured cats and dogs.  So today, on the only non-rainy and gorgeously sunny day, I played super tourist. I took a bus out to Lake Bled (an hour each way) and walked 6 km around the lake, went up the funicular to the castle, and went around trying to take repeat pictures without the rain. Of course it was a totally different  city when people came out of hiding!

Burek is everywhere – sweet or savoury. This was sour cherry, warm and crispy phyllo…yum!

Strukliji or ‘Cheese dumplings’ sound like they may be door stops, but they were amazing light and delicate – like very fine sheets of pasta with cottage cheese/egg

The ‘famous’ (and delicious) Carniolan sausage. I had read the little shop also sold ‘jota’ a peasant soup made with turnip repa, beans and vegetables, but not this week. *Disclosure* I love cabbage and sauerkraut, and was really hoping to try ‘repa’, which is turnip prepared like sauerkraut.


River side cafes

Flower market

View from funicular going up to Ljubijana castle

Dragon Bridge

Church on island on Lake Bled

Castle and town of Bled

View from my apartment!

Who doesn’t love a chandelier in the middle of the street!

This is the total length of the bridge!

2 thoughts on “Lovely Little Ljubljana

  1. This is most enchanting for me to view, especially thinking that my father in-law walked those streets many decades ago. It’s wonderful to hear they speak English. And the food looks magnificent.


    1. I read that TV and movies are usually only sub-titled as population is too small to dub, so they are exposed to more English. And it is a young cosmopolitan university town that eat everything but ‘local’ when they go out, so it was mainly tourists at the Slovenian restaurants!


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