Not Hung(a)ry Here!

Went to this ‘authentic’ Hungarian restaurant for lunch last week. Run by young people who want to cook like their grandmothers did. Had roast pork loin (very cool braid) with ‘dumplings’ (spätzle) mixed with ‘sour cabbage’ (sauerkraut) and paprika sauce. Also had complimery bread and small bread appetizer, chili plate. With a glass of Hungarian wine and taxes, 5000 korient ($25)

It was so good that I went back today! This time I had the goulash soup and a crispy duck leg with braised red cabbage and onion potatoes.  I could definitely do a goulash soup contest here – it is a staple. And it is always soup, not the ‘stew’ that we associate with ‘goulash’.


This a chicken paprikas with dumplings. They make it with pork and veal too.  IMG_9282

There is also a huge Turkish presence here, with gyro and kebab places on every corner. It is not new – Hungary was inhabited by the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire as far back as 1000 AD. My favourite is a chicken gyro, loaded with lettuce, tomato, cooked onion, red cabbage and a spicy paprika sauce for 750 korients ($3.60)

I’ve also dabbled in a red curry, but it was disappointing bland compared to the spicy zip of paprika!

Also had to try strudel, cabbage was bland (would have been great with sauerkraut) but cherry was delicious

My sister also planted the idea of fresh corn in my head, and fortunately I found some at the huge Market Hall. Also bought some yellow beans, which are my favourite. They also have food stalls where lagos (elephant ears) are very popular, though usually savoury with sour cream and cheese, but they had sweet ones too. I had huge cabbage roll, and bought some paprika (of course!)


Shakshula , a North African-style poached eggs, are usually tomato based but this was zucchini, green pepper and kale. fullsizeoutput_30bf

2 thoughts on “Not Hung(a)ry Here!

  1. Wow, I had breakfast not long ago but now I am starved. It all looks SO good. Why don’t we have food like that here? It must be hard to not go back to the same place when you find a good one. The poached egg dish sounds like something that could be made at home.


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