Looking at Buda from Pest

And ‘Pest from Buda’. The city of Budapest is split down the centre by the Danube River – Buda on one side, Pest on the other. 

I arrived here Wednesday, so have been busy doing my usual wandering orientation. The city does sprawl, so today I bought a seven day transit pass that covers buses, trams, underground metro and a boat bus.  

I’m staying in Pest, which has more action. In fact, I’m in an area with the highest density of bars and restaurants I’ve ever seen. I haven’t got a photo yet that captures it, but I’m trying!  Pest also has a huge and gorgeous Parliament, which I’m hoping to get a better picture from the river, but I have one from the Buda side. 

I used my pass today to travel up to the castle and Matthias church in Buda. There is also the Fishermans’ Bastion, seven pointy domes with a rampart, built in 1896 to celebrate the arrival of the seven Magyar tribes that arrived in 896. 

Where are the food pictures, you say??? Coming up next post!!! 

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