Out and about town

I decided today I would use the tram to get further afield. From my apartment balcony I can see  across the river to the Castle and Petrin Hill, but it took me 5000 steps yesterday just to reach the bridge. So if I wanted to explore further, I needed some help since it was uphill. Why do they have to build castles on high hills!

The tram was quick, efficient and only 32 Czech kroner (about $2). At the foot of Petrin Hill I transferred to the funicular. I wandered about the rose gardens and miniature Eiffel Tower, then enjoyed a lovely walk in the park that was delightfully bare of tourists!  Lunch was pork cheeks stewed in red wine with celery purée, stir fried vegetables and spinach. Delicious, but not more photogenic than sauerkraut 😏. I ended up with some great views of the city, more beautiful buildings, and the changing of the guard before finding my way back to river and home.

The way home took me through Wenceslas Square (more of a broad boulevard) again.  One end is anchored by the statue of ‘good king’ Wenceslas who was actually a wise 10th century duke responsible for uniting and uplifting the Czech people. After the tragedy in Barcelona yesterday, I was acutely aware of how vulnerable you could be on these very busy pedestrian walkways mixed with vehicle traffic. My thoughts and prayers are with their families. 

View from apartment – Petrin Hill on the left, castle on the right
Tram by Petrin Hill
Petrin Hill
Monument to Victims of Communism – figures gradually atrophy as they range up the steps, slowly losing limbs as they disappear
Funicular up Petrin Hill

Rose garden on Petrin Hill
Petrin Tower
Strahov Monastery and Library
View across city from Strahov
Hotel in Castle area
Loreta Church
Changing of the castle guard
Changing of the castle guard
Steps up to castle, which I cleverly missed going ‘up’ by taking the tram and funicular
Wenceslas Statue and Square
Grand Hotel Europa on Wenceslas Square – beautiful example of Art Nouveau
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‘King’ Wenceslas statue and National Museum
Pork cheeks stewed in red wine with celeriac puree, spinach and vegetables

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