Popular Prague

Well, I definitely chose a popular city to start this four month tour in Europe! I arrived Sunday afternoon, and on Monday I just headed to the ‘Old Town’, and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of tourists jamming the narrow streets. Fortunately they don’t venture far from the main sites, so I will just have to plan short jaunts into those areas early in the morning. There is an advantage to being here two weeks!!

First impression – fantastic architecture! It is one of the few European cities that has never been bombed, burnt or otherwise had areas destroyed.

I was also so distracted by the buildings, that I ended up quite a ways from my apartment. I was dragging a bit, in the 28oC heat, by the time I got back here. I bought some tickets I can use for the tram, bus or metro, just in case I need some help next time!

One thought on “Popular Prague

  1. Hi Leslie – I love your new websight! So good to see old pictures as well ..I will write you personally on email–OK? You


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