Museums and More

Quinta Montes Molina is a private mansion open for tours. It was built around 1900 when the grand Paseo de Montejo boulevard mansions were being being built from sisal (henequen) money. It has been maintained with all it’s original European furnishings.

Gran Museo del Mundo Maya is a striking modern museum by the convention centre on the outskirts of the city. On Thursday morning I was walking to the market, and heard this ‘Hey lady!’ It was Mike, a young American that Lois and I had met on our bus trip to Uxmal. He invited me to join him and his mother, as they had a rental car, to go to the museum. It was great!

The next day I invited them for lunch. Strange, but fun, to entertain after so long! Then yesterday they took me to Sisal, a very little but lovely town on the coast, where we had a delicious seafood lunch. Nice drive too through many small towns.


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