Sunday in Merida

Mérida, Mexico

Sundays are very special in Merida. Lots of families and people of all ages are out.

First there is the ‘bici-ruta’ or bicycle route. They close off five kilometres of very major streets downtown to traffic from 8 to 1230 for cyclists. One major length is Paseo de Montejo, a very wide and grand boulevard from 1888.

Then Plaza Grande, the main square is closed off all day for street vendors, popup restaurants, and entertainment.

Last week Anne and I checked out the bici ruta. Despite the rain there were quite a few people out. I went over this morning while I was trying to track down the music I had heard during the night, and found a triathlon going on at the Paseo. I had seen then putting up some bleachers but couldn’t figure out what they were for. The rest of the bici-ruta was open though.

Then I swung through Plaza Grande again. Last week Anne and I went in the evening and had a tamale from one of the street restaurants, this week I tried the churros because it seemed more like a breakfast food 🙂


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