Mi Casa Es Su Casa


Mi Casa Es Su Casa
Mérida, Mexico

Mérida, Mexico

Anne and I are having fun exploring Merida. We have discovered the need to do this exploring early in the day though, as it has been 34 oC by noon. Fortunately we have a pool to come home and enjoy!

The house is located in the centre of town so convenient to walk many places. Next step will be trying the local buses if I want to go further.

We’ve walked miles and had some great meals, but unfortunately I forgot my camera for the best fish presentation, so will have to go back and try again. We made reservations for Monday for her farewell dinner. This is the best restaurant in town and entrees are only $12.

We have had two great Yucatan feasts this week. The first was a ‘sampler’ plate with about five pounds of chicken and pork ($12 for two). Beautifully lean/grilled and marinated/roasted/shredded. Last night we went for traditional Mayan food again. Check out the pictures for the black ‘Rellano Negra’ and huge banana leaf bundle of seafood! Fabulous!

Yesterday we took a bus to Progreso, a town on the coast about 43 km away. The beach was a little disappointing, so we didn’t spend any time in the water, but walked around, shared some good nachos and came back. Very economical too as the whole day only cost us $7 each!

Today we found a ‘market’ which had everything from food to bicycle parts. Incredibly busy, crowded, noisy and fascinating. Bought some recardo (spice paste) but hesitated on buying the meat today as we don’t need any more food in the house. Next week!


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