End of the Chapter

Edmonton, Canada

Well, arrived back in Edmonton Tuesday afternoon for a six day layover. Thought I was going to have a few days to regroup before I leave for Merida, Mexico on Monday, but unexpectedly my father had to fly back to Canada for some medical care. So I picked him up at the airport on Wednesday and we drove to Saskatchewan. I don’t like night driving at the best of times, but when severely impaired from jet lag it was painful.

As I close off this chapter, I think back on my accomplishments during the last twelve weeks
1. Used 21 showers without scalding or freezing myself
2. Wasn’t robbed/mugged/pickpocketed
3. Didn’t lose anything, except myself, but that was temporary
4. Avoided stepping in dog poop

So adios until the next adventure begins in Merida.


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