Last stop, Cascais


Last stop, Cascais
Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, almost the end of the journey. Another beach town but with a huge history of money too. Royalty made it their summer home and rich Portuguese followed. The 1755 earthquake that destroyed so much of Lisbon had a huge effect here too, so there are many houses built after that time. Not sure what you would call the style, but elegant in an interesting way. And still rich. I haven’t seen so many upscale cars and yachts in one place. It is the Portuguese Monto Carlo.

Tomorrow I travel back into Lisbon by train, take the Metro to the airport, and fly to Madrid. On Tuesday I fly from Madrid to Amsterdam, and then Edmonton. It’s been a fantastic eleven weeks but I’m ready to come back, even it is only six days. I’m looking forward to having a kitchen in Merida and some control over meals. Eating out can get old.


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