Nazare, Portugal

Nazare (NAH zah ray), like Nazareth (NAH zah reth).

I’m told it is insanely popular in the summer, and I can see why. Lovely big beach where you can swim and nice promenade. Sitio is the name of town at the top of hill overlooking Nazare.

I have a fantastic corner room on the beach, which means I can take a thousand more pictures of the sunsets!

The BIG waves, where Garrett McNamara surfed a 100 foot wave, is just around the corner from Sitio. He is a local hero because he put Nazare on the map, AND married a local girl. I took the funicular up the cliff, and then walked about 15 minutes to get to the lighthouse which is featured in the U-Tube videos (google his name and Nazare).

The waves weren’t that big today, but they were impressive.

Nazare is also an old fishing village which has maintained some traditions. The wives of the fishermen have an interesting dress code – a skirt kept wide with petticoats, shawls, knitted knee highs and slippers. Tried to take some stealth photos

They also dry fish (see photo) by just laying it out raw. Considering it was 14oC when I took the picture, it is not baking in the sun. But it is 18 today which is darn nice for me. Just sitting out on my balcony listening to the surf, and not thinking that my trip is coming to an end soon….


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