Sao Pedro de Moel

São Pedro de Moel, Portugal

How did I end up in Sao Pedro de Moel when I hadn’t even heard of it before Wednesday?

I needed some Vitamin Sea! And waves. I had three days unplanned after Porto, so pulled out the Google Map and started looking for towns on the coast. I’m already booked for Nazare for Monday, so concentrated on the coast north of there. Most of the towns don’t show up until you really increase the magnification.

Then I started researching what the town may look like, and most important, could I get a hotel room where I could hear the waves. Getting here was a little tricky – two buses and a taxi, but not unreasonable.

Part of the fun was finding the right bus station in Porto as companies have their own terminals. I did a dry run on Thursday, and I was standing on the street, feeling puzzled as I thought I had the right place. Then I saw a bus pulling out of the entrance of a place I would never guess was a bus station. Inside looked a little more normal, but still very small for the oversize buses that came and went. Fascinating to watch the skill of those drivers as they performed their maneuvers to back up, let someone in, trade spots!

Today I walked up the coast to another beach. Lovely path and paved bike path. Campground. Watched the surfers, but was eating lunch so missed the pictures. Still figuring out best waves, but seemed to be around 1230-130 today.

Anyway, spent today trying to take a perfect wave picture. I’m going to try and post some, though as nice as the hotel is, the wifi is the worst. Constantly dropping me.

Check back, because if I do get something posted, I still have all day tomorrow….


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