Porto and the Big 6-0


Porto and the Big 6-0
Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Well, it’s official! I am now eligible for senior discounts at some establishments! I celebrated my birthday yesterday trying to do something special. But it is hard trying to top over two months of sheer indulgence…

It was very nice though, to wake with a full inbox of good wishes! And managed two phone calls – bit tricky with the time difference. Such a treat to talk to people! WhatsApp is great as an option with Android friends!

I did book a lovely hotel here in Porto though. It’s a collection of the old narrow houses overlooking the river, and a world heritage site. Across the river are the port houses, where all the companies age the port that is made up stream in the Douro Valley. All the big names have big signs – I can see Taylor’s, Dow, Offley, Sandeman, Barros to name a few.

Went on a small boat up and down the river – gives a good view of town. Otherwise just walked around and up and down. Same hills!

Palacio da Bolsa which is a pretty flashy ‘Chamber of Commerce’. It was built, starting in 1832, to showcase craftsman skills and impress. The Arabian Room took 18 years to finish with wood, plaster and many pounds of gold leaf.


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