Last of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Today I took the metro to the Gulbenkian Museum – 5000 years covered in a very carefully edited display so that you are never trying to find the ‘best stuff’. You see a painting and go ‘I like that’ and go up see it’s Ruben or Monet. (but no pictures allowed…)

Then took the Metro over to Parque das Nacoes. It was the site of the 1998 Expo and now a whole waterfront promenade and development with Oriente train/bus/metro station, big glass mall, aquarium, bike rentals, gondola rides.

The metro rides are fun because you often change lines to get where you are going. Fortunately they are well signed with colors (red, green, blue etc). And I’ve recharged my Viva card several times so it is slick to get around.

The area I’ve been staying in Lisbon was destroyed in 1755 (earthquake, tsunami and big fires) so it was rebuilt on the grid system but most of the city is still windy with narrow streets.

Tomorrow I leave Lisbon for Coimbra, so this a last (and short!) post from here.

Boas Festas!


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