First days of Lisbon


First days of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

I wish I had a month to explore Lisbon! There is so much to see! And I want to do a trip out to Sintra and Cacilhas – so thinking that I might come back this way after Coimbra, Porto and Nazure and just go stay there. Day trips are a bit of pain as you have all the timing issues with the trains. I spent yesterday walking around Baixa and Chiado – two central areas where I stayed the first night, and staying now.  Lisbon is in a valley with hills on each side. Baixa (lower town) is ‘ground level’ and where I’m staying now close to the waterfront.  Up one hill is Bairro Alto (high town) of which Chiado is the first step up.  On the other hill is Alfama which is topped by a castle.  Today I went up to  Alfamo and saw Castelo Sao Jorge (Castle St George). The incline is incredibly steep but the fellow at my hotel desk  gave me great instructions to take two free public elevators so the trip only took 10 minutes. Brilliant!  I think between the two it was about eight floors. On the way home I just kept heading downhill. People also use the escalators in the metro stations to get from Baixa to Chiado. Wish I had known that when I first arrived. I took the metro to Baixo-Chiado station (1.40 Euros!) from the bus station but went to the lower exit, so had to climb the hill with my suitcase. I tell you, what I have learnt so far…    


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