Tavira – finally in Portugal!


Tavira – finally in Portugal!
Tavira, Portugal

Tavira, Portugal

After six weeks in Spain, I finally crossed the border yesterday for my five weeks in Portugal. Yesterday was a the longest travel day I’ve had – a 1.5 hour train trip from Cadiz to Seville, a 3 hour wait, then a 2.5 hour bus ride. But as I’ve mentioned, that is also a result of back-tracking because of my lack of overall planning for this trip!!

Tavira is a lovely small town on a river about 2 miles up from the Atlantic. Lots of history, cobblestone streets, cafes and restaurants, but no bus loads of tourists. There seems to be a large contingent of British (from the accents on the street), some French, and likely others that have bought vacation homes here. Had a nice conversation with a lady from York at the laundromat this morning as she was doing sheets before going back home.

Staying in a lovely little hotel with a view of the river. Even the bidet in the bathroom has a full window and balcony view.

And just when I said I’ve seen enough churches, Tavira has 21. And 1 priest.

I decided to skip naming the photos of the churches today. If there is a test sometime, I’ll study up on them.

So I’m moving to Faro tomorrow – about 30 minutes away. It’s one of those places you would do on a day trip if you were driving, but I rather enjoy the stress of going to a new town, finding the hotel, getting settled in…


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