Captivating Cadiz


Captivating Cadiz
Cádiz, Spain and Canary Islands

Cádiz, Spain and Canary Islands

I wish I had planned on more on than one night in Cadiz. I was just breaking up the trip to Portugal that I’ll do tomorrow, so was zipping up the coast. But it is a very pretty town, surrounded by water, with all the obligatory narrow cobbled streets, inviting squares and old buildngs/fortresses etc. It feels like a place I could spend a long time in.

I am also staying in 17th century convent (no jokes) that has been beautifully modernized without losing its history.

Just getting ready to go for supper with a Swedish woman I met on the bus from Tarifa today. We really hit it off, have lots in common, so I’m looking forward to talking to her some more.

Update – Dinner was great! We ordered paella because it is always for two people. Shared a bottle of cava and talked for hours. She is fellow gypsy spirit.


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