Nerja – a taste of Costa del Sol


Nerja – a taste of Costa del Sol
Nerja, Spain and Canary Islands

Nerja, Spain and Canary Islands

Left Granada Monday on the bus. The ‘stop’ in Nerja (ner-HA) was a pull-over off the highway, then a 15 minute walk downtown.  Most the south coast of Spain has been taken over by large hotels and high-rises. Nerja is still very full of tourists, but at least it is manageable.  Lots of windy cobbled streets (heard that before?) with a zillion restaurants and souvenir shops.  But the streets are mostly pedestrianized so it is pleasant. I’m staying in a heavenly spot overlooking the ocean. Slept with the window open last night so I could hear the waves.   Just did a lot of walking today to recover my being a ‘tourist’ in Cordoba and Granada.  Nerja resembles Puerto Vallarta for the tourists, but the beaches are no comparison.  They are small and distinct.  No ‘beach for miles’ view.   I looked outside before I left the hotel this morning to see what people were wearing…saw parkas, saw shorts. Wasn’t any further ahead! Cool in the shade with a breeze, but it was very warm in the sun, and out of the wind. Saw people sunbathing where it was sheltered. Forecast said 18 but its 15 now late afternoon.  Just going for Indian food. ++British tourists so have several choices. Thinking Mutter Paneer…


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