Grand Granada


Grand Granada
Granada, Spain and Canary Islands

Granada, Spain and Canary Islands

I really should have planned one more night for Granada. It was a very busy and exhausting, but ultimately very satisfying to have the city figured out and saw what I did.

First there is the Alhambra. It is a 26 acre site high up on the hill, appropriate as it’s role as a fortress. It was originally started in 1237 and added on in 1333 and 1487 but the Moors. In 1492 the Catholic Monarchs took over and added on the Palace of Charles V. There is water everywhere. They diverted a river so it flows though buildings, fountains, little channels.

There are several distinct areas within the site.
1. Alcazaba – fortress that protected a town of 2,000 Muslims living within the Alhambra walls.
2. Palacios Nazaries (Royal Palace)
3. Palace of Charles V
4. Generalife – the gardens. I know this sounds like a health food store, but it is pronounced &lt;i&gt;heh-neh-raw-LEE-fay. &lt;/i&gt;

Second in Granada there is the Albayzin – the old Moorish quarter with tangled streets going uphill (of course) to a wonderful view point by San Nicolas church.

Third there is the Alcaiceria area of Granada. It was originally a Moorish silk market but was rebuilt after a fire and is basically a tourist trap of trinkets.

The Cathedral is also the second largest in Spain with the Royal Chapel that holds the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs – Ferdinand and Isabel

Lots of great squares to sit, drink, eat. I stayed in a little hotel just off Plaza Trinidad that was fantastic, and only a couple of minutes to the Cathedral which in the centre of everything.


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