Blast from the Past


Blast from the Past
Málaga, Spain and Canary Islands

Málaga, Spain and Canary Islands

This is my weekly letter home after six months backpacking around Europe in 1977, some of the time with Heidi, who I met on a train.

Some things in Spain, like the pillows, haven’t changed!

I’ll be going through Malaga today on my way to Tarifa.

7 November 1977 Malaga, Spain

Dear all!
There are two things leaving an impression on me – the sun and how short a time I have left! I can’t believe it is November! We’re by the ocean now, and wanting to do some sunbathing. We were inland until last night, and we’ve spent today shopping and washing clothes. Shopping is the most fun – spent a lot of money this morning – but on something I’ve been trying to find. Sorry – can’t tell you more! Christmas!

Then we went food shopping in a market house – dozens of stands selling vegetables, meat and fish. People there are pushing and shoving – not as easy as pushing a cart around Safeway – but a lot of fun. Some ladies were arguing about who was next in line – actually one was sticking up for us because it was our turn. We won. We’re sorry we can’t cook anything – it would be twice the fun shopping. The fish here is fantastic – and so cheap. I could cry. Today we bought a lot of oranges, tomatoes, and green beans which we’ll eat now. Splurged too and bought 2 pounds of dried apricots, 1 pound of almonds and 1 pound of local raisins. It only cost a few dollars and will last a long time. We mixed it together and have it around for our sweet tooth. Yum yum!
We’ve finally hit the sun, and want to work out a way along the coast to Portugal (map, please). Trains aren’t too obliging, but we’ll hop along for the next two weeks.

Last Sunday I think I was in Barcelona – yeh, guess I was. Time for me to quit visiting cities. Next we left for Madrid, not Valencia, where we stayed for three days. Carmen, our new friend, was homesick, so she departed for London and then Canada. It’s strange to think she’ll be home in a couple of days. Next, the two of us again, left for Cordoba. It’s a great town, with narrow streets and garden courtyards. The pension was really pretty too. Last night we came here in the midst of a rain storm. It really poured all day. It would stop long enough for us to get outside, then it would soak us. Here it’s beautiful though. There we went out for a really ritzy meal – the whole bit – waiters falling over each other. All for the outrageous price of $5 – before dinner drink, dinner plate stacked with salad, fish and sauce, potatoes, cured pork steak, choice of dessert off a whole wagon, wine. We were stuffed turkeys! The fish and meat courses were both big enough to be served separately as a meal!

I must mention the pillows here – they’re quite unique. It’s the width of the bed – one person double bed. And the pillow case is the same. Haven’t seen that before. Works good – if you don’t sleep with anyone who hogs the pillow!
Laundry is done. We’re going out again – maybe I’ll find a post office. Don’t seem to have many around.
All my love, Les (getting excited about coming home for Christmas!)


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