Los Venerables Hospital


Los Venerables Hospital
Seville, Spain and Canary Islands

Seville, Spain and Canary Islands

Los Venerables Hospital is a small gem

There is a very special exhibition on from November 8 to February 28 featuring Velaquez (1599-1660) and Murillo (1617-1682) who were artists from Seville.

There are only 19 paintings, but some are from the National Gallery in London and Louve in Paris as well as private collections. The exhibition compares paintings of similar themes, and explores the open, cultured and appreciative Seville of their time. The audio guide was very helpful!

I couldn’t take photos, but there is a website at http://www.focus.abengoa.es (click on Las Obras) but it doesn’t capture the incredible rich colours and detail.

The building itself is baroque 17th-century and was a residence for some very lucky priests. Now it is a museum housing the work of Velazquez. I thought the frescos in the chapel were beautiful, but then I went into the sanctuary where there the ascension painting on the ceiling is amazing.


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