Leaving Town – November 2016

After a whirlwind of packing, selling off everything and retiring – I was at the airport and it was finally happening.

I really appreciate all the good friends who helped me, took me in when I was ‘homeless’, and sent me off in style with wonderful memories. I had many great dinners, lunches and parties!

This blog is for those who are interested to hear how my ‘pack up and leave’ crazy plan actually unfolds. I thank everyone for your long distance encouragement!

All that is important fits into a 5×8 foot storage unit

Airport farewell, and good friends don’t let friends leave hungry and thirsty!

Only luggage is a cool backpack with wheels

A night in Madrid before heading to Seville.

Atocha train station with resident turtles.

A small but nice hotel close to Atocha station, with morning coffee on the street.

Next stop, a month in Seville to catch my breath and relax. It’s going to be wonderful!

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